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We no longer accept bookings for YODEL, we have also moved pre-payment service credits over from previous accounts to a MyPaymentPot that is available on the checkout

Please click one of the following links to make a booking

Quick Quote - To return a list of all services that we offer, you may make a booking from this list.
CityLink - Prices from £6.99 - Click here to book
Hermes - Prices from £3.75 - Click here to book
DHL International - Prices from £50.75 - Click here to book

If you have any comments or questions then please call our customer services team on the number above.

UK Parcel Delivery Services

UK Regular Collections - From £4.99
Regular collections from the UK, if you are sending 35 parcels
or more per week, register for our regular account.
Regular account holders benefit from a fixed collection date
and labels supplied.

UK Single Collections - From £7.59
Shown below are the prices for the single collections, these
can be picked up from any residential or business address.
If you are sending 35 or more per week, then you can save
money by becoming a regular account holder.

Prices shown are the lowest we offer using the pre-pay discount.
All services come with £50 liability cover.

European Parcel Delivery Services

European Delivery Zone 1 - From £86.60
Parcels delivery to Belgium    Belgium Parcels delivery to Guernsey    Guernsey
Parcels delivery to Ireland    Ireland Parcels delivery to Jersey    Jersey
Parcels delivery to Luxembourg    Luxembourg Parcels delivery to Netherlands    Netherlands
DHL Europlus (DHL) - Zone 1 £86.60 DHL
European Delivery Zone 2 - From £86.60
Parcels delivery to France    France Parcels delivery to Germany    Germany
DHL Europlus (DHL) - Zone 2 £86.60 DHL
European Delivery Zone 3 - From £86.60
Parcels delivery to Austria    Austria Parcels delivery to Italy    Italy
Parcels delivery to Portugal    Portugal Parcels delivery to Spain    Spain
Parcels delivery to Switzerland    Switzerland
DHL Europlus (DHL) - Zone 3 £86.60 DHL
European Delivery Zone 3 Remote - From £86.60
Parcels delivery to Andorra    Andorra Parcels delivery to Gibraltar    Gibraltar
Parcels delivery to Canary Islands    Canary Islands Parcels delivery to Lichenstein    Lichenstein
DHL Europlus (DHL) - Zone 3 Remote £86.60 DHL
European Delivery Zone 4 - From £86.60
Parcels delivery to Denmark    Denmark Parcels delivery to Finland    Finland
Parcels delivery to Norway    Norway Parcels delivery to Sweeden    Sweeden
DHL Europlus (DHL) - Zone 4 £86.60 DHL
European Delivery Zone 5 - From £86.60
Parcels delivery to Czech Republic    Czech Republic Parcels delivery to Estonia    Estonia
Parcels delivery to Hungary    Hungary Parcels delivery to Latvia    Latvia
Parcels delivery to Lithuania    Lithuania Parcels delivery to Poland    Poland
Parcels delivery to Slovakia    Slovakia Parcels delivery to Slovenia    Slovenia
DHL Europlus (DHL) - Zone 5 £86.60 DHL
European Delivery Zone 6 - From £138.65
Parcels delivery to Bulgaria    Bulgaria Parcels delivery to Croatia    Croatia
Parcels delivery to Mainland Greece    Mainland Greece Parcels delivery to Romania    Romania
Parcels delivery to Turkey    Turkey
DHL Europlus (DHL) - Zone 6 £138.65 DHL
Prices shown are the lowest we offer using the pre-pay discount.
All services come with £50 liability cover.
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eBay Store Designs at discount prices

We are pleased to announce that we are able to offer discounts for existing PayPerParcel customers for a unique eBay store design and complete listing solution.

For more details please contact us or visit